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If you are a phenomenal woman who wants to take control of your finances, improve your life and  increase your income ; you are in the right place!



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Work with Me

Lifestyle Strategy Consulting

I will help you identify your ideal lifestyle, set short to long term goals and lay out a plan for you to follow. You want more out of life but you’re not quite sure how to achieve or reach your goals. That’s where I come in!

Personal Money Makeover

After discussing your money goals, I will dissect your finances, identify any issue(s) and give you clear actionable steps to correct them!​

Build Your Business

I will help you launch a new business or grow an existing one through strategic planning and inbound marketing techniques. ​We will start where you are and them move forward with customized plans and strategy for your specific business and target audience.

What People Are Saying

One of the hardest work and best in the business! Cares for her clients.

Nick Britton

Investor, Author, Entreprenuer

Yasmine is a true professional and I would highly recommend her. Great work ethic and knowledgeable. What more do you need! She is well versed on all sides of different types of transactions. I am super impressed and will be doing my business directly through her as much as I possibly can!

Steven Boyle

Real Estate Investor , Bank On It

She extremely Intelligent, Beautiful, Good Heart, Caring, Respectful

Rocio Hormaeche



Surviving and thriving in a ONE CARE household!

Yep, we drive one car!  Now this won't work for everyone but if you can swing it you'll save some money! Here's some background on our family dynamic. My fiancé' has a 9-5 job and I am a REALTOR and we have a 11 month old daughter who isn't in a formal day care or...

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Three Money Mistakes I Made In College

Life was sweet, I was on my way to one of the best Universities on earth (Florida A&M University)  hundreds of miles away from home on a full ride scholarship! I had no idea I was about to dig myself into a terrible financial hole pretty quickly. I made three major...

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Information Before Implementation

I was listening to a Choose FI podcast (Episode 67) and one of the guests (David Cain of Raptitude.com) spoke about this idea of tracking your habits before actually trying to make progress in changing that particular habit. I think it's such an amazing yet simple...

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5 Tips For Side Hustling Your Way Out of A Financial Mess

"I don't make a six figure salary and I've cut back on every possible expense, but I am still in debt and far away from my personal finance goals! How in the world am I going to reach them?" I've had that thought countless times. What it came down to was me finding...

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Credit vs. Cash [ Which one is more important ]

Some people say credit is kind and others say cash is king. What do you think and why? As I travel down my own path to financial independence I often think about which one ultimately comes out on top.  I've broken down the power in each and I'd like to share with you...

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