Looking back you’ve always known you were exceptional. You always knew there was greener grass and you sought out to find it the first chance you got. Chances are that if you’ve decided to pay off all of your debt, start the business you’ve been dreaming about, quite your job to live remotely and travel the world or all of those things the people closest to you are probably not your biggest cheerleaders.
You are not alone!
Most people who decided to go against the societal grain go through a major shift and it can take longer than expected. This “shift” is most likely going to take an emotional toll on you. You’re going to ask your self things like, how do I say no without offending them, are they going to stop liking/loving me, why doesn’t anyone get why I am doing this, am I better than them, are they better than me, how do I know if this relationship is right, are my choices even worth it? I know because I experienced the same thoughts.

To be 100% clear, some people in your life are just energy suckers so yes, you’ll probably want to distance yourself. Not because they are bad people or because you’re any better than them, simply because you need all of your energy to focus on your journey!

Word Of Advice: If you share your thoughts with someone and they reply with anything less than BURSTING ENTHUSIASM keep your thought to yourself.  To an entrepreneur hearing “Oh okay” is just as bad as “You’ll never succeed”.

You are going to need to find your tribe. A group of people (a community) who are just as (if not more) passionate about your interest than you are! Here are somethings I’ve done that have helped me find my tribes (yes, you can have more than one).

  1. Started Googling My Interest – I stumbled across great blogs, podcasts and websites that way.
  2. Download  the Meet-Up App – I downloaded the app and searched to events near me that aligned with my interests.
  3. Podcasting- If I can’t have the conversation with anyone at the moment, I listen to other people have similar conversations.  It’s quite satisfying and I learn a lot.
  4. Join Facebook groups- Because I listen to so many podcasts I started to discover different Facebook groups and communities. I joined each one that aligns with my interests.
  5. Reach out to people online- I engage in various Facebook groups. It’s a great way to ad value to others and get tons of great info from people who are on the same journey as you. You’d be surprised at how many contacts and friends you can make from all over the country (and world).

Once you find your tribe, you might get sucked down the rabbit hole and that’s totally fine. As long as you keep your self surrounded by the people and content that fuels your fire you’ll have the positive energy you need to stay the course.
There’s nothing like a pair of noise canceling headphones and your favorite podcast after a long day.
Keep on keeping on, my friends. Find your tribe! 

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